Oil Field New Construction & Restoration

New Construction & Restoration Services

After our team conducts and oilfield site assessment, we clear areas so our customers are able to develop new exploration sites. We understand that easy accessibility to your site is crucial to your staff, so we clear areas to allow employees to enter and exit without any trouble.

Types of Projects We Tackle

Location Construction

Location Maintenance

Lease Roads

Frac Ponds

Location Restoration










Effective Exploration

During our assessment, our team will conduct a thorough ground inspection to determine the size of the pad needed for your operations. We understand how important it is for you to maximize your space to allow for proper placement of your equipment.

Frac Ponds

We know getting water to location can be an issue whenever you have a site that’s not close to a river, lake, or pond. 5K Construction builds ponds that allow you to store water closer to location to reduce the cost of water transfer.

Let's build together.